José offers complete training packages companies in Chile *, in order to cover any of your different business needs:
  • Opening representative offices,
  • Establishing branches or subsidiaries,
  • Providing legal or accountancy services, tax advice and
  • Tax minimization strategy (Tax Planning)
* Currently in Chile there are a variety of companies to operate in the market, which would include:
  • SA (Open and Closed)
  • Corporation
  • Limited company
  • Individual Limited Liability Company
  • Collective society
  • Limited Partnership
  • Partnership or joint account
We help early on from his business in Chile

Our services Incorporation and training company include:

  • Register your business in Chile and to the Internal Revenue Service (SII), and municipalities,
  • banking and financing solutions for your company,
  • Recruitment for your company,
  • Rental of office space (commercial office), and
  • Accounting for companies and individuals.
We’ll guide you through the process of incorporation of your company and start business in Chile. We will provide any additional services needed to undertake well.

Advantages Register your business in Chile

Chile is a dynamic and growing country, with excellent prospects for local and foreign companies looking to start and diversify its activities in Latin America since the registration of your business can be done:
  • No need to travel to Chile, we take care of everything.
  • You can start your business alone, without other shareholders or members.
  • A low cost: it does not require initial capital of incorporation.
  • Quickly: 3-45 business days.
  • Exports from Chile are free of customs costs and value added tax.
Different regions are tax free or tax benefits.

Chile has an agreement of double taxation with 28 countries including Australia, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Switzerland and the United States to reduce withholding taxes on dividends, interest or wages to foreign companies.

Disadvantages register your company in Chile

  • Leasing office space is expensive, starting at 40USD / m2.
  • The economy relies heavily on imported products, making it highly vulnerable to international economic effects.
  • Chile suffers from earthquakes, which require adaptation and preparedness to support them.